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Organize your campaigns and set permissions with tag folder structure.
Tags is a feature available on Enterprise plans for further organization of your newsletter campaigns. These allow you to organize campaigns by tagging them and allows you to stack user permissions on specific tagged campaigns.

Adding a tag

Above your newsletter campaigns, click Create a new tag. You can give this tag a Name and select a color for further organization.
Create a tag for organizing your FeedOtter campaigns.

Tagging your campaign

To tag an existing campaign, select Options > Manage Tags.
Select Manage Tags on the campaign you'd like to tag.
Here, type or select from the drop-down the tag(s) you'd like used on this campaign.
Add the tags you'd like to use for your campaign.
Click Move. The tags selected will appear on the campaign block and the tags created above your campaigns will show the number of campaigns in each tag.
Tags will appear on each campaign.
To view only campaigns that are tagged, select the tag you'd like to view at the top of your screen.

Removing a tag

You can remove any tags from your campaigns by selecting Options > Manage Tags on the campaign you wish to edit. Here, remove/add any tags in the box provided and Save.
To completely delete a tag, there must be no campaigns tagged under that structure. Then, hover over the tag and select the Gear icon that appears.
Select the Gear icon on your tag to make edits.
Here, you can delete, rename, or change the color of your existing tag.
Edit your existing tag.
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