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FeedOtter allows you to automate your email newsletters. We integrate with the most popular marketing automation tools to allow you to quickly create newsletters that improve brand awareness and engagement.

Product Features

FeedOtter has 2 product modules you can use to automate your newsletters regardless the level of editorial control you and your organization need.
Automated Newsletters allow you to send fully automated RSS based emails from your marketing automation software. This is our original best-selling feature that allows you to automate blog and news emails from your existing email software.
Curated Newsletters share many features with our automated product but provide an additional editorial step that allow your team to hand-pick or curate the articles in your email newsletter. You can additionally re-order articles and edit the pre-filled data elements such as article title, description, image, CTA text, and URL on the fly.
To learn more about each feature follow the links below:

RSS Feeds

Key to FeedOtter's functionality, RSS feeds are a long-running web standard for accessing publicly available content. Whether you use Automated or Curated emailing knowing what an RSS feed is and how to find it will be helpful.

Email Design and Templates

Another key component of your FeedOtter account is the design and code of the emails you will send using FeedOtter.
FeedOtter uses standard, well-formed HTML email templates modified with special FeedOtter tokens to insert dynamic data from your RSS feed or content sources.
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