One of the most powerful features of FeedOtter is the ability to automate the sending of content-filled emails. The heart of this is our scheduling engine.

Scheduling Options

FeedOtter allows you to customize the schedule on which you want emails to be sent.

Below is a summary of the options available and common customer use-cases.

  • When New Content is Found - FeedOtter polls your RSS feed hourly and sends an email when new content is found.

  • Every Hour - Sends once an hour at the exact "past the hour" time on the days you specify.

  • Every Day - Sends an email once per day at the time on on the days you specify.

  • Every Week - Sends on the specified day of the week at the time you define.

  • Every Month - Sends every month on an exact day number(1-31) at the time of day your define.

  • First / Last of the Month - Sends every month on the specified First or Last day of the week at the time defined. Examples: Send on the last Tuesday of each month, first Monday etc...

  • Intervals - Allow you to schedule sends such as "every other" or "every 6".

New Content

The default behavior for ALL FeedOtter automations is to only send when there is at least 1 new article in the RSS feed.

New content is detected by comparing an article's <pubDate> value with the last send date of your automated campaign. When a new article is detected FeedOtter will build and email and orchestrate sending with your ESP.

You can adjust these settings in the RSS Feed tab using:

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