HubSpot Sending

Now that you've set up your automated email campaign, finish the automation by connecting HubSpot.

HubSpot requires specific tokens in the footer of all their emails that add your company's name, address, city, and state, and an unsubscribe link. This means you'll need to go into the code window and replace FeedOtter's tokens with HubSpot's tokens. Here's the required tokens from HubSpot:

{{ site_settings.company_street_address_1 }} {{ site_settings.company_state }} {{ site_settings.company_name }} {{ site_settings.company_city }} {{ unsubscribe_link }}

Replacing the HTML code tokens

This step is only necessary if you are using one of FeedOtter's included templates.

Using the View Code feature mentioned above we will now replace the standard footer text with HubSpot's required address and unsubscribe tokens.

1. Click View Code in the bottom right corner. This will show you the HTML code of your email template.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the HTML email template and scan for the footer address fields. These will be FeedOtter tokens which we will replace with the above block of HubSpot tokens.

Again, remove:

[[ feedotter.company_name ? feedotter.company_name : '' ]] AND [[feedotter.company_name]] with {{ site_settings.company_name }} [[ feedotter.company_address ? feedotter.company_address~' ' : '' ]] with {{ site_settings.company_street_address_1 }} [[ feedotter.company_city ? feedotter.company_city~',' : '' ]] with {{ site_settings.company_city }} [[ feedotter.company_state ? feedotter.company_state~',' : '' ]] with {{ site_settings.company_state }} [[ feedotter.unsubscribe_link ]] with {{ unsubscribe_link }}

Replace with:

{{ site_settings.company_street_address_1 }} {{ site_settings.company_state }} {{ site_settings.company_name }} {{ site_settings.company_city }} {{ unsubscribe_link }}

3. Click Save.

Replacing the text version tokens

FeedOtter automatically creates a text version of your email as well. The same HubSpot tokens MUST be added to this version of the template.

Click View Text Version in the bottom of the code window.

  1. Replace above tokens as specified.

  2. Click Save.

Connect your HubSpot account

When you are done with the campaign setup its time to publish your new automated RSS email to HubSpot where we will complete the last step of setting up our email audience.

Click the Integration tab button in the left column of your campaign window. Click Connect to HubSpot.

If you have previously setup a HubSpot connection in your FeedOtter account you can select it from the dropdown. Otherwise, click the Add a HubSpot Connection button.

Here is the basic auth flow:

  1. Label your HubSpot Connection and click Connect HubSpot.

  2. Your browser will redirect to a HubSpot login page, please login.

  3. You will see a screen asking you to approve use of the FeedOtter Production App, click Authorize/Allow.

At this point you will be returned to FeedOtter and your connection should be setup and ready to go.

Select your RSS email recipients

When you have completed the above steps you will be presented with an interface that allows you to select the following:

Subscription Type

Start typing to search and select the subscription type or you can use the drop-down menu to select.

Included Lists & Excluded Lists

Here you can select which lists will receive your email and which ones should be suppressed.

Click the Activate Campaign button to complete the setup.

What happens next?

Now that you've started your HubSpot RSS email campaign in FeedOtter, you can view, pause, and interact with your automated RSS email from the dashboard.

When the scheduled send time is reached, FeedOtter will pull content from your RSS feed and compose a new email and Marketing > Email in your HubSpot account.

Pressing Send in HubSpot

HubSpot does not allow for the automated scheduling of marketing emails at this time so you will still need to login to HubSpot and schedule the email, however the hard work has been done for you.

Whenever you have an email ready to be sent and created in HubSpot FeedOtter will send you an email notification. To send your email:

  1. Go to your HubSpot account > Marketing > Email. Your email is marked with your campaign name + date created. Click Edit.

  2. (optional) In Settings, you can designate a HubSpot Campaign. HubSpot's API doesn't allow this to be set from the FeedOtter side.

  3. Select the Send or Schedule tab and complete the send.

Things to ignore(already taken care of by FeedOtter)

There are a few options you'll see on the email in HubSpot to fill but no worries! FeedOtter already takes care of the following:

  • Preview text, this is handled by your FeedOtter email template.

  • Plain text and web version. This is also populated by FeedOtter and pushed into HubSpot.

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