Security is important to us at FeedOtter. We’ve worked closely with Eloqua's API team to ensure we have access to as little of your data as possible. Here you can read-up on how FeedOtter interacts with your Eloqua data and account.

FeedOtter integrates with Eloqua via an approved Oracle Eloqua Application and maintain a good-standing with Oracle Eloqua:

FeedOtter integrates with Oracle Eloqua for the purpose of automating routine blog and content email sending to Eloqua segments.

When establishing the connection between Eloqua and FeedOtter your team will authorize FeedOtter to access your Eloqua instance using the Eloqua.

Option 1: Connect using your personal Eloqua user account

If you are testing FeedOtter or want your campaigns up and running immediately. This is the fastest approach.

  • In FeedOtter navigate to Settings > Integrations

  • Create a new integration for Eloqua and give it a memorable name. "Eloqua Connection James Personal Account"

  • Click the Connect Eloqua or Authorize button. You will be taken to Eloqua and asked to give FeedOtter access to your Eloqua instance.

  • FeedOtter is connected. You can test the connection by pressing the TEST button on the FeedOtter Integrations page.

Option 2: Connect using a dedicated API user

This is the preferred method for long-term stability and is also the most secure method. It does require knowledge of the Eloqua admin settings area and access to create new users.

Here are the recommended steps:

Create a security group for FeedOtter api access

  1. Create a new security group name it "FeedOtter API Connection Group". The exact name does not matter.

  2. The following properties should be set to ensure FeedOtter can create and automate email sends via your Eloqua account.

    1. Licensing - Eloqua Marketing Platform should be checked.

    2. Asset Creation - Campaigns and Emails should be checked.

    3. Default Asset Permissions

At this point your security group is ready to go and configured with the minimal permissions FeedOtter needs. The next step is to add a user and configure that to belong to the new security group.

Add an api only user

  1. Setup a new user add it to the custom security group you just created.

  2. Under licensing , ensure Eloqua Marketing Platform is checked.

  3. We recommend ensuring the user's password does not expire.

Now you can log out of all Eloqua accounts and return to Option 1 above. Complete those steps but login with the API-only user you just created. This will establish a connection that will not be reliant on an individual user's account.

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