Pardot Sending

Now that you've set up your automated email campaign, finish the automation by connecting Pardot.

Connect your Pardot account

When you are done with the campaign setup its time to publish your new automated RSS email to Pardot where we will complete the last step of setting up our email audience.

Click the Integration tab button in the left column of your campaign window.

If you have previously setup a Pardot connection in your FeedOtter account you can select it from the dropdown. Otherwise, click the Add a Pardot Connection button.

Integrating Pardot with FeedOtter requires using the Salesforce Pardot SSO. Here is the basic auth flow:

  1. Locate your enter your Salesforce Pardot business id in the FeedOtter interface.

  2. Click Save.

  3. Your browser will redirect to a Salesforce login page, please login.

  4. You will see a screen asking you to approve use of the FeedOtter Production App, click Authorize/Allow.

At this point you will be returned to FeedOtter and your connection should be setup and ready to go.

Please refer to the complete Salesforce Pardot SSO guide here:

pageSalesforce Pardot

Select your RSS email recipients

When you have completed the above steps you will be presented with an interface that allows you to select the following:

A Pardot Campaign

This is the campaign we setup earlier. Start typing to search and select it.

Pardot Lists & Suppression Lists

Here you can select which lists will receive your email and which ones should be suppressed.

Click the Save Settings and Start Campaign button to complete the setup.

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