Confirm your RSS Feed is valid

RSS Feed Validation:

Steps to test RSS Feed:

  1. Access FeedOtter: Log in to your FeedOtter account using your credentials.

  2. Create or Access the Campaign: Navigate to the campaign you want to test or create a new campaign where you intend to use the RSS feed.

  3. Copy the RSS Feed URL: Locate the RSS feed URL that you plan to use within your FeedOtter campaign.

  4. Access the W3C Feed Validation Service: Open a web browser and visit the W3C Feed Validation Service at

  5. Enter the RSS Feed URL: In the text box provided on the W3C Feed Validation Service page, paste the RSS feed URL that you've added to your FeedOtter campaign.

  6. Validate the RSS Feed: Click on the "Check" or "Validate" button on the validation service's webpage to initiate the validation process for the RSS feed.

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