Customize how FeedOtter communicates automation results and the people who receive them.

Our automated emails feature in FeedOtter is a great tool for streamlining the process of creating content emails, allowing you to set it up and forget about it. But how do you ensure it’s still working the way you want it to without checking back in to FeedOtter? Now, with our automated email notifications feature you can set it, forget it and still ensure your content is sending successfully without diving into your FeedOtter account.

I’ll walk you through our new notifications feature and how it works here.

Turning On Automated Email Notifications

You can find the notifications feature in your automated emails.

Go to your FeedOtter account and find your automated email campaign.

In the left column, click Tools. Here, you’ll see the options for automated email notifications.

Mark when you would like to be notified and ensure the email address in the box below the options is where you’d like to be notified. From here, it will send notifications as directed.

Notify on Success

Notify on Success will send an email every time FeedOtter successfully sent your email to your ESP. The email will also give a small preview of the content that was sent in the email.

Notify on Problem

This will send an email anytime there is an issue sending your email to your ESP. You can learn more about the issue by finding your email campaign on clicking Options > View History.

Here, you’ll see a popup that will explain the issue with your campaign. If you have questions or need help, click the Question Mark icon in the top-right corner.

Notify on Skip

Automated email notifications for skipped emails will just tell you when FeedOtter skipped sending the email to your ESP because there was no new content in your RSS feed.

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