Marketo error: Daily quota '50000'

Client API limits Reached


Campaign error sending - Marketo error: Daily quota '50000'


The client has used their limit of API calls in Marketo.

Resolution: This will resolve itself once the limits reset (typically Daily). No action is needed unless the error happens multiple days in a row.

If the error continues reach out to the client.

Example Client Email: Hi Zach, I

I hope you are doing well. I was looking at your account and noticed a problem with one of your campaigns. <Campaing Name>

Here is the error messages: Marketo error: Daily quota '50000' reached It says that you have used your API Limt and FeedOtter will start working again once that limit is reset. A workaround would be to pull the HTML from FeedOtter and copy it into Marketo. To do that workaround: Click Edit Campaign > Settings > Download HTML

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