Send Now

Send Now allows you to immediately trigger your automated email.
All automated email campaigns have a Send Now feature that is accessible from a button on the dashboard card. The Send Now feature provides an interface allowing you to immediately trigger your automated email campaign. This means your email will be created or scheduled/sent based on your campaign's setup.
A few reasons why customers use Send Now:
  • To test an automated campaign
  • To send a one-off or special email edition
  • To retry an automated send that encountered a problem

How it works

Send Now can only be used for automated email campaigns that are fully set up and ready to run. Follow this guide to setup your automated campaign.
The first step is to select the Send Now button on your automated campaign. Nothing will send immediately, but you'll be taken to a Preflight interface to review your email and confirm you'd like to create/send an email through your ESP.
Select Send Now to confirm your email details before sending.

Preflight Interface

On the left side of your screen, you should see a Preflight panel. Below, you can adjust the:
  • Number of posts to send
  • Subject
  • Preheader
  • Custom fields(if any) in your email template
The preflight panel defaults to the current setup in your campaign. Any changes made here will only update the one-off send. These changes will NOT affect/update your automated campaign settings.
Once it fits your preferences, you can click the Refresh icon to update the email preview and ensure everything is looking exactly the way you want it to. You’ll see a preview of the exact email and content to be sent.
Preflight interface to preview your newsletter before sending.

Sending Your Email

There are a couple options you could take from here: Download/Copy the HTML or Run Single Send.
If you choose to run a single send, this will cause an email to be sent to your ESP and will adhere to your scheduled campaign settings.
This means what you have set in the Integration tab of your campaign(lists, create/schedule options, etc.) will be what FeedOtter uses to run the single send. This may result in an actual email send to your subscriber list if this is what you have set up.
If you don't want an email to send but need the email as is, you can select the Copy compiled HTML icon or Download HTML icon. This will allow you to take the email code and manually put this in your ESP or wherever you need.

Adjusting Campaign Send Dates

By default, using the Send Now feature and running a single send will not affect your running automation.
If you are just running a test or wanting to run an email send independent of your automation then there's no need to update the last send date. If you are using Send Now to run a special edition or retry a failed automation then you may want to update the last send date so FeedOtter recognizes the send and the content in this send.
Because FeedOtter by default only sends new content, updating the last send date will allow FeedOtter to recognize the content in this email send as old.
Once you've ran your email, you can opt to view in your ESP and/or update the last sent date in FeedOtter.
After sending your email, click the green button to open the email in your ESP.
Last modified 1yr ago