Exporting a FeedOtter email into Marketo

Having issues publishing directly to Marketo via the integration? Reached your API limit and need to send an email quick? Export the HTML from FeedOtter and create an email directly in Marketo.

Although we have a solid API integration with Marketo, sometimes issues can arise and we're unable to send the email to your Marketo instance.

Marketo will always provide an error message that we'll share with you, but unfortunately this error message coming from their API can often be vague and confusing. Another use case we see is a customer's daily API rate limit is met before we can send the email, so the customer will need to find a new way to send their email.

In these cases, we recommend exporting the FeedOtter email and creating the email directly in Marketo. For the API limit, this will allow you to bypass our API calls and send directly via Marketo and if you're seeing an error message from Marketo, you can typically receive a more accurate, thorough description of the error when creating a Marketo email.

Exporting the FeedOtter Email

Automated Email Campaigns

If you're trying to send an automated email newsletter, you'll want to Edit Campaign and ensure the email preview looks correct.

You can change the number of posts under RSS Feeds to ensure it's only showing new posts when you export the HTML. The preview by default shows your max amount of posts you have selected, not just new posts. etc..

Next, go to the Settings tab

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