User Permissions

Restrict user access to editing, campaigns, and billing areas.

Working with teams and a high volume of email campaigns can quickly clutter your dashboard and make it difficult for your editors to find the campaigns they need to focus on. User permissions allows the account owner to select which campaigns each user is allowed to view and edit in FeedOtter.

Setting User Permissions

You can set accessibility on each user when creating them or editing users in the Settings area. Select the Gear icon in the top-right corner > Settings > Manage Users.

Here, edit a current user or add new user.

When setting up user permissions, there’ll be a box to select each campaign you’d like the user to be able to see and edit. Select the campaigns you’d like the user to see, or leave this option blank to allow the user access to all campaigns.

How It Works

Depending on how each user is set up, here’s a guide on how defaults work for each type of user in FeedOtter.

Account Owner: The account owner will always be able to see everything in the FeedOtter account. Owners will also be able to set user permissions for each user, and can transfer ownership to another user.

Account Admins: Admins on your FeedOtter account will always have access to all campaigns and settings in your account. Admins will also be able to assign permissions to other users.

Account Users: If a user is not set to have admin access, they will not be able to update the Settings area or edit their access to the FeedOtter account. By default, if permissions is left blank the user will be able to view and edit all campaigns in the account. When selecting specific campaigns under the permissions area, any selected campaign will be accessible by the user.

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