Bookmarking Content

Using our Curated Newsletter comes with the feature to add and save content directly to your FeedOtter account from any page on your website. FeedOtter’s Bookmark allows you to save content while browsing your site without the need to go back and forth.

Installing FeedOtter's bookmark

  1. Go to the Curated tab and scroll to the bottom of the page.

  2. Drag the Save to FeedOtter button up to your bookmarks bar. Now you will be able to bookmark any page and save content from other sources directly into FeedOtter.

How to Bookmark a Page

Find the content online you would like to add to FeedOtter.

Once you’ve found the page, click the Save to FeedOtter bookmark from the bookmarks bar.

You should see a popup from FeedOtter where you can edit the content block for FeedOtter.

Here update the title, description, and image you would like displayed from the post.

Select Bookmark.

Content Queue from Settings

To find the bookmarked content, go to Settings > Queue.

This shows all the content you’ve previously added to your content queue.

You can delete content by clicking the X next to each item, or you can clear out all saved content by clicking Clear Queue in the right corner above your content.

Using Content Queue in Newsletter

Now, you can use this content in any curated newsletter.

Create a newsletter issue and select Add Content.

In the popup box, select Content Queue from the drop-down list. You should see all the content you’ve saved to FeedOtter here.

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