Issue Naming

Naming of your issues is paramount to keeping things organized in both FeedOtter and your ESP.

Set the default naming scheme in your Newsletter Setup > Settings > Issue Naming. Here are some examples that have worked well for other customers:

//Outputs: "Newsletters - Newsletter Name - July 23 2023"
Newsletters - Newsletter Name - [[feedotter.issue_date_object | date('F j Y')]]

//Outputs: "Newsletters - Newsletter Name - Issue 24
Newsletters - Newsletter Name - Issue [[feedotter.issue_num]]

When the "New Issue" button is clicked a new issue will be created and the name will be set according to your setting.


  • Changing the name of the "issue" in the Issue Edit UI (top underline etc..) will change the name of the Simple Email Campaign and the Email object created in Eloqua.

  • You can use any supported PHP date formatting commands to setup naming.

  • Eloqua does not care about duplicate email or campaign names so you can be flexible with naming as you see fit.

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