Require new content to send

When creating your automated campaign, a checkbox for Require new content to send can be found in the RSS Feeds tab.

Turning on the Require new content to send option means that FeedOtter will only send your newsletter if there is new content in your RSS feed. Turning this off will cause your automated email to send on schedule, every time, regardless of content.

By default, this option is turned on, so FeedOtter will only send when new content is found.

How to determine "new" content

New content is determined by two things:

  1. The published date in your RSS feed.

  2. The last send date of your FeedOtter campaign.

For your campaign's initial send, all content will be considered "new" and FeedOtter will default to sending the maximum number of posts set in your campaign.

Once your campaign has been sent, FeedOtter will check the published date in your RSS feed and only send when there is content with a published date more recent than the campaign's last send date. You can find the last send date on the campaign block.

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