Extending HubSpot's RSS Email With FeedOtter

Take your HubSpot RSS Email Newsletters to the next level with powerful features and design capabilities.


While HubSpot is an amazing marketing software its automated RSS newsletter feature lacks many important features you are used to using in FeedOtter.

1. Limited design capability

Do you want your newsletter to look like this? HubSpot’s RSS email feature does not have a flexible way to design and style RSS emails. Instead, they have one “RSS Section” which accepts 6 RSS tokens. This limits you to display a simple title, author, date, description, and link of your posts. There is also no ability to split posts into different design sections. For example, would you like to have a big featured post at the top and several smaller articles shown below -a common email format? Not possible with HubSpot’s RSS email feature. You get a vanilla email that lists your posts with no possibility for a great design.

Here is an example of a standard HubSpot newsletter template. We observe that the RSS articles show up but there is no ability to customize the layout or design elements of the articles.

Here is the HubSpot RSS Email Newsletter customization tool:

We can see the limited editor for laying out your RSS content.

2. No Images

Images make your blog newsletters look awesome. HubSpot unfortunately does not have a way to automatically create newsletters with amazing images.

In fact, you CANNOT add the image token to your newsletter email UNLESS your blog/rss content is a HubSpot blog.

If you use WordPress or any other CMS to host your blog content there is no way to have images in your HubSpot RSS Email Newsletter.

Here we see that HubSpot’s RSS email tool will not allow us to add an image to our newsletter because our blog lives in WordPress.

Even if our blog is hosted with HubSpot, the limited design capabilities means we can do little more than display an image with no ability to use a great on-brand design to deliver our content.

3. Limited Sending Options

HubSpot’s RSS email newsletter feature allows you to automate RSS email newsletter sending daily, weekly, or monthly.

It would be nice to have additional options such as:

  • When new content is published

  • Certain days of the week; M – W – F

  • On the first Tuesday of the month or Last Friday of the month

  • Quarterly, Bi-Monthly, Annually



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