Create a new Email program and Email

Create an Email Program and Email with every newsletter send from FeedOtter.

When selected this option will create a new Email Program and Email in Marketo. You will then need to login to Marketo and select the recipients(smart list) and schedule the send as desired.

In this approach, FeedOtter creates the email in Marketo. You must complete the send in the Marketo interface.

When this option is selected you will be presented with several Marketo-related options. The most important of these is the Parent Object.

The Parent Object is a default program or folder that will nest all new email programs and emails for your newsletter sends. This will allow you to easily find your newsletters in Marketo.

Click Save > Return to Edit. Finish setting up your newsletter defaults and then you're ready to create your first newsletter.

How it will look in Marketo

When you create a newsletter in FeedOtter an publish it to Marketo you will need to select your:

  • Audience

  • Email Asset (choose the email FeedOtter created for you)

  • Set the send date/time

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