Required Email Code Tokens

An overview on the required HubSpot tokens in order for an optimal FeedOtter to HubSpot email publish. Applicable for both Automated and Curated campaigns.

HubSpot requires specific tokens in the footer of all their emails that add your company's name, address, city, and state, and an unsubscribe link. Here they are:

{{ site_settings.company_street_address_1 }}
{{ site_settings.company_state }}
{{ site_settings.company_name }}
{{ site_settings.company_city }}
{{ unsubscribe_link }}

You will want to ensure these tokens are added to both the HTML and TEXT versions of your FeedOtter template. Publishing to HubSpot will work without them but HubSpot will throw a number of warnings that can be avoided.

To update your HTML email template navigate to the Customize tab in your FeedOtter campaign and use the Visual or Code editor to place the above tokens in the desired footer area of your email.

To update the TEXT version of your template navigate to Customize > Code and select "text" from the dropdown indicated below. Paste in the HubSpot tokens as shown below.

Apply your changes and your next HubSpot publish will be ready to send!

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