Using a Custom Email Design With FeedOtter

Hundreds of FeedOtter customers use custom HTML email designs with FeedOtter. There are several options if you wish to use a custom email design with FeedOtter.

Option 1.

You can start a new Email Setup project with the FeedOtter team. You provide us with your HTML email template and our team will code it up to work with FeedOtter. (additional fees may apply)

Option 2.

You can also code your own template using our documentation. FeedOtter uses a template language called TWIG and while slightly customized is very similar to coding styles used by other dynamic email tools.

Option 3.

You can also work with one of our amazing email partners. We certify and work with various email experts that can help setup and manage your entire FeedOtter account.
Upcraft excels at creating high-quality newsletters for professional B2B organizations. Specializing in Marketo, Pardot, and Eloqua.
InboxArmy has been building professional HTML email newsletters for over 25 years. Their skilled team can help with any HTML email design, code, and FeedOtter setup project.
We are currently looking for email partners. If you are interested please email us.
Last modified 2mo ago