Create a new Email in Marketo

Create an Email asset with every newsletter send from FeedOtter.

For this option, FeedOtter will create an Email for every newsletter send underneath your existing Marketo program. You'll then set up your Smart Lists and schedule within Marketo.

Under Campaign Settings > Integration tab > Configure Defaults. Here, setup the option you'll be using.

Under Publishing Action, you'll want to select Create a new Email in Marketo. Then, you'll want to select the Parent Object.

The Parent Object is a default program that will nest all new emails for your newsletter sends. This will allow you to easily find your newsletters in Marketo.

Click Save > Return to Edit. Finish setting up your newsletter defaults and then you're ready to create your first newsletter.

After creating your newsletter, click Publish to send to Marketo.

Here, you'll be able to verify or change any preset options before creating the email program and email in Marketo. Once you've confirmed your settings, click Publish.

In the next popup, follow the link to your Marketo account. This will take you directly to your newsletter in Marketo.

You'll find the email underneath the specified Email Program. The email will then send using the settings defined in your Marketo Email Program.

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