Exporting a Marketo template for use in FeedOtter

Using a Marketo email template for use in your Automated FeedOtter email can prove challenging, as Marketo templates have oodles of extra “Marketo code” that make them less than ideal for use as a template in any other system. Here are some quick and easy steps to exporting your Marketo template. Watch this video tutorial or follow the instructions below.

NOTE: If you aren’t using a Marketo template but still have an email template you would like to import for FeedOtter use, check out this article to prepare your template for import.

Create An Email Asset in Marketo

  1. Login to Marketo

  2. Go to Marketing Activities.

  3. In the folder of your choosing, right-click and select New Local Asset > Email

Select the Marketo template you wish to use as the basis for your FeedOtter email.

Review the template. Create sections and blocks containing placeholder content for the Title, Image, Description, and CTA / Read More links and buttons you wish to have in your email.

When the email and placeholder content looks as desired Save and Approve the email.

Download The Email HTML File From Marketo

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART: You must download the HTML file from the Marketing Activities Tree. Even though there is an option to download from the Design Studio and Edit Email screen, this will NOT give you the compiled version of the email, as there will be a lot of Marketo markup and additional Marketo variables that are not usable by FeedOtter.

  1. In Marketing Activities, right-click the email you just created and select DOWNLOAD HTML.

Send Us Your Template File

Now you’re all set! Once you’ve downloaded the HTML file from the Marketing Activities tab, you can send it to the FeedOtter team to import into your account.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at success@feedotter.com or submit a help ticket in your FeedOtter account.

Video Tutorial

Prefer a video walkthrough of this process?

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