WordPress API

Save any WordPress site to FeedOtter for easy access in content-to-newsletters.

  1. Go to Settings > Content Sources > select New Content Source.

  2. Select WordPress as your Platform and give your content source a name.

  3. Paste your WordPress content site in the suggested box and select Connect.

Once connected, you'll see additional information to fill in for your content.

  1. Choose the maximum number of post content you'd like to see from your WordPress site. By default this is set to 25, and will show the most recent content by published date.

  2. Click Save.

You'll then be able to choose your WordPress site content to pull from when creating your newsletters.

Selecting Tags and Categories from your WordPress site

You may have also noticed the option for Tags and Categories when connecting your WordPress site. You can choose to include/exclude specifics tags and categories of content from showing in your content source.

  1. Edit your content source or create a new one.

  2. Under Tags or Categories(whichever you choose to use) select whether you'd like to include or exclude specific tags/categories.

  3. Click the search box and type or select the tags/categories you're looking for.

  4. Click Save.

Now FeedOtter will filter the content in your content source accordingly when providing content to use in your newsletter.

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