Use intervals in scheduling automated newsletters to allow for scheduled breaks in your sending frequency.

Intervals allow you to skip the designated number of days, weeks, or months between sends. For example, if your sending a weekly newsletter but only want the campaign to run every 2 weeks you would use intervals to skip sending your newsletter every other week.

This feature is NOT compatible with first-last scheduling at this time. All other sending frequencies are able to use Intervals.

How it works

  1. Edit an existing campaign or create a new one. Go to the Schedule tab.

  2. Select Show Advanced Options at the bottom of the Schedule tab. You'll see a box for Intervals appear.

Advanced Options under the Schedule tab allow you to use Intervals.
  1. Type in the box provided the number of sending intervals you'd like skipped in your sending frequency.

Example Use Cases

When set to 0, intervals are not being used. Here, I'll set up a few example use cases and show how I would set the interval frequency.

I want to send a biweekly email newsletter, sending to subscribers every other Tuesday.

In this case, we'll set up the Schedule tab to show Every Week, Tuesday. Then we'll add the Interval = 1.

Sending a biweekly automated newsletter from FeedOtter.

This tells FeedOtter to skip one week before sending another newsletter.

Our newsletter is a summary of content sent every 6 months.

Here, we want FeedOtter to skip the monthly sending frequency for 5 months at a time in order to send every 6th month.

We'll set the sending schedule to Every Month, at your specified day and time. Then, set the Interval = 5.

Sending an automated newsletter every 6 months.

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