Display a Full Article in Your Email

Many customers display a full article of content in their automated emails as seen below.

This requires a few extra considerations.

  1. Your RSS feed must contains the full article content. This will be in the <content> tag of your RSS feed.

  2. Your email code must use the [[post.post_content]] token. This accesses the full article contained in the <content> xml. It also keeps the incoming html intact. For now this is what you want.

  3. FeedOtter has created a few special filters to help process incoming HTML and images and prevent them from breaking your responsive emails. So, instead of using the vanilla post_content token we recommend the following:

[[post.post_content | cleanImages | striptags('<p><br><span><a><div><b><strong><i><em><img>') ]]

Here is the breakdown:
- post_content = fetches the full article content as found in your RSS feed's <content> node.
- cleanImages = this is a special Filter that adjusts the width and height properties on any incoming images so that they won't break your email's responsiveness.  
- stripTags = another filter that removes all but the most basic HTML. This reduces the chance that some HTML from your website breaks your email.


While we've assisted many customers without problems it is important to:

  • Combining non-email-tested HTML in HTML emails is risky.

  • Content from your RSS feed can affect email structure.

  • Do not skip testing.

  • Use FeedOtter's test feature to send email samples to Litmus or another testing tool for verification.

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