Schedule an Email Program send from the FeedOtter interface

With Curated Newsletters and Marketo, you can schedule your newsletter to send without leaving the FeedOtter application.

You can also setup curated newsletters so that the editor can schedule a Marketo email send without leaving the FeedOtter interface.

  1. Complete the requested Channel & Tag settings. These will be different based on your Marketo account.

  2. Click the Intialize Marketo button

FeedOtter automatically creates a Default(brown) program with the name of your newsletter. FeedOtter will also create a ### - FeedOtter Setup email program and email.

The ### - Email Setup program should never be sent. This program and the email underneath are managed by FeedOtter and act as a "template" for FeedOtter to clone settings from.

  1. Click on the ### - FeedOtter Setup email program.

  2. Setup your audience and select an email(only one choice available).

  3. Do nothing else

How publishing will work in Marketo

The next time you publish a curated newsletter Issue. You will be prompted in the FeedOtter interface to select a send date and time.

When you complete these items and press the Publish button. FeedOtter will clone the ### - Setup Program and create a unqiue Email Program and Email object AND schedule it to send per your provided settings.

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