Publishing to Marketo

Learn how to publish your curated newsletters to Marketo

When publishing your newsletter to Marketo, FeedOtter's integration provides 3 different options for creating and sending the newsletter in your Marketo instance. These options allow you the flexibility to create and organize your newsletters in a way that fits your team's needs.

We recommend setting up the default publishing option first. All subsequent New Issues will default to the publishing settings you choose. You can also change the publishing option at the Issue level if desired.

To setup the default Marketo publishing option

  1. From the Curated Newsletter dashboard click the Settings button on the newsletter you wish to setup.

  1. Select the Integration Tab and select Marketo in the dropdown.

  2. Click Configure Defaults

  3. Review the available Marketo publishing options:

    1. Create an Email Program and Email in Marketing Activities (default option)

    2. Create an Email in Marketo Activities

    3. Create and Schedule the newsletter send from FeedOtter

To learn more about the different options visit the pages below:

pageCreate a new Email program and EmailpageCreate a new Email in MarketopageSchedule an Email Program send from the FeedOtter interface

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