Publishing to Pardot

When publishing your newsletter to Pardot, FeedOtter's integration provides a flexible scheduling option for creating and sending the newsletter in your Pardot instance.

Under Campaign Settings > Integration tab > Configure Defaults. Here, setup the option you'll be using.

Here, add your Pardot Campaign, Lists, and Unsubscribe token. These settings will be your default options for every newsletter send.

The default unsubscribe option is only for customers using our default templates with our universal unsubscribe token. If using a custom template, this step is not necessary but it will require you to fill in the field.

Click Save > Return to Edit. Finish setting up your newsletter defaults and then you're ready to create your first newsletter.

After creating your newsletter, click Publish to send to Pardot.

Here, you'll be able to verify or change any preset options before scheduling the newsletter in Pardot. Once you've confirmed your settings, schedule your newsletter and click Publish.

In the next popup, follow the link to your Pardot account. This will take you directly to your newsletter in Pardot.

You're all set! Pardot will create and send the newsletter at your scheduled time. All reporting and analytics will show in Pardot's interface as expected.

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