Custom fields

Custom fields allow you to make text and image updates from the FeedOtter interface.

Custom fields allow you to make certain parts of your email editable from the FeedOtter UI. This is great for personalizing greetings, swapping out headlines, changing an image, and adding ad content. The idea is that you can quickly update minor email elements without the risk of breaking the email code each time you need to edit your template.

Use Custom Fields When:

  • You want to change a text greeting from newsletter-to-newsletter

  • You need to periodically change a banner ad or CTA for a download

  • You want to make a text headline editable

Custom Fields Limitations:

  • Custom fields do not function like "drag and drop" block-based email builders. You cannot insert a new button, row, or object. All object placement must be pre-set.

  • There is a limit of 10 custom fields per email template.

Types of Custom Fields

We support 3 different types of custom fields: text, html, and image. Seen in the example below, you'll define your custom field in a <script> JSON block added to the bottom of your email's <head> section. Then place the custom token where you'd like the editable piece in your email template.

    <script type="application/ld+json" id="custom">
      {"prettyName": "Sample HTML","name": "samplehtml","type": "html","default": "<p>a block of html</p>"},
      {"prettyName": "Headline","name": "headline","type": "text","default": "Some plain text"},
      {"prettyName": "Ad Image","name": "adimage1","type": "image","default": ""}
    <h1>  [[custom.headline]]</h1>
    <p><img src="[[custom.adimage1]]"></p>

Each custom field will then appear in the FeedOtter UI when editing an email. You can edit text, upload images, or tweak basic html text to customize emails.

In the example above the developer used Custom Fields to allow the user to modify the newsletter's greeting text and make changes to the headline. These elements always appear but the value can be quickly changed send-to-send.

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