Reset Your Marketo Automated Campaign

Steps to repair an automated campaign if it becomes disconnected from FeedOtter and gives you an HTMLid error.

FeedOtter is the most reliable way to automate rss and blog newsletters with Marketo, that said it is possible for an automation to disconnect. To solve this we need to reset the campaign's email with a few short steps in your Marketo account.

FeedOtter creates and manages several email templates in your Marketo account. It is important these emails are NEVER modified manually as this can interrupt FeedOtter’s ability to automate email sending.

Step 1.

In FeedOtter, locate the affected FeedOtter automated campaign:

  • Edit the affected campaign

  • Select Integrations from the left side menu

  • Click on Open Marketo ### Setup Email Program

This will open Marketo and take you to the related campaign.

Keep this FeedOtter window open, we will return to this exact spot in Step 3.

Step 2.

In Marketo:

  • Ensure the Email Program ### - FeedOtter Setup is selected. (This should be automatic if you followed the link in FeedOtter as described above)

  • In the Emails Box, deselect the email

  • Right click on the email child of the ### Setup Program and select Unapprove

  • Right click on the same email and delete it.

Step 3.

Return to FeedOtter:

  • Click on the Reset Setup Email Object link.

After clicking, please wait for several seconds wait for the small green success popup to appear.

Return to Marketo and click on the same ### - Setup Email Program we previous edited:

  • In the Emails box, select the email.

Back Up and Running!

At this point your campaign is re-linked to FeedOtter and future runs will return to normal. If you have any questions or encounter other errors during this reset process please contact our support team. We are happy to jump on a call and walk through this with you.

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