Custom email and campaign naming

When integrating your FeedOtter emails with Eloqua, FeedOtter by default names your email campaigns using the default Eloqua language (CPGN, EM) with the name of your FeedOtter campaign and appends the unique date and timestamp to ensure API calls complete without error on an ongoing process. Now, you can use custom program naming in FeedOtter to create unique email names in your Eloqua account. Here, I’ll walk you through how to use FeedOtter’s new custom program naming in Eloqua.

NOTE: This feature is only accessible with our Business plan or above. Please ensure your FeedOtter plan is compatible with the new naming feature before continuing.

Custom Program Naming in FeedOtter Email

The first step is to login to your FeedOtter account.

You can create a new automated email here, or edit a preexisting campaign.

Next, click the Tools tab in the left column. At the bottom you’ll see a Custom Naming section.

Type the Email Program Name and Email Name you wish to use for your email.

FeedOtter will automatically save your custom program naming options to be used in Eloqua with each send.

Custom Program Naming in Eloqua

Now that you’ve set up your automated email and sent it, go to your Eloqua account.

Go to Campaigns and choose your email.

Here, you’ll see the custom program naming in Eloqua for each email program and email send with the time stamp appended to the end. The unique date and time stamp is, by default, appended to the end of each email program and email send to ensure API calls complete without error on an ongoing process.

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