While the Pardot authentication process will go smoothly for most users. Here are several common issues and their resolutions:

While trying to authorize you get stranded at a blank page saying "error".

This can occur if your organization has Salesforce settings that restrict access to outside applications like FeedOtter.

The solution is to ask your Salesforce admin to "whitelist" FeedOtter's application IP address. Please fill out our support form to request the IP addresses.

Authorization works and clicking "test" results in a green dot but when I try to select my lists in a campaign I see red error popups.

This typically occurs if you are using the wrong version of the Pardot API. By default we recommend selecting "version 4". However, if you see errors you can likely resolve them by changing the version to "3".

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integration.

  2. Click Edit next to your Pardot connection.

  3. In the popup, change the "Api Version" value to "3".

  4. Click Save.

You can create a new connection and can see your lists/campaigns in FeedOtter but receive an error when FeedOtter tries to schedule an email.

We are working with the Pardot team to investigate this situation.

Things to try:

  • Ensure the Salesforce user you are trying to authorize with is a Pardot Admin or Marketing role user. (Pardot Admin UI)

  • Ensure that the Salesforce user has Pardot Salesforce permissions (Salesforce User Mgmt > Roles)

When trying to save your new Pardot SSO connection in FeedOtter you are not prompted to login to Salesforce and returned to FeedOtter's integration page and clicking test results in a 'red' error.

This means something is not correct between your Salesforce and Pardot permissions. The typical error message in this circumstance if "Wrong API Credentials".

Possible causes:

  • Your Pardot and Salesforce user is not connected. Check Pardot Settings > Users and Salesforce Users to ensure the user in question exists in both spaces.

  • You are using the GROWTH edition and do not have REST api access on your Pardot license.

  • The businessId is incorrect. Please ensure to COPY AND PASTE the businessId value from Pardot to FeedOtter as some characters may be hard to re-type correctly.

Your Pardot connection was authenticated and working but has suddenly disconnected.

We are currently exploring potential causes for this but suspect it is related to your Salesforce permissions. Please let us know if you are experiencing this issue.

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