Pardot Preference Center Token

Pardot requires users to use their unsubscribe or Pardot preference center tokens in all emails sent out. This includes your FeedOtter emails with Pardot.

FeedOtter has tokens that will automatically place the default Pardot tokens in your emails, including the default Pardot preference center and unsubscribe tokens. If you are using a custom preference center, you’ll need to manually add this token into your FeedOtter emails.

Finding Your Pardot Preference Center

In your Salesforce Pardot account, go to Account Engagement Email > Preferences Page.

Here, you’ll see all of the Pardot Preference Centers you’ve previously set up. Click on the preference center you would like in your FeedOtter email.

View the link associated with your preference center. At the end of the URL is a three or four-digit ID which will be used in the Pardot token in FeedOtter.

Finding the Pardot token

Pardot has many tokens to be used in emails. Here’s a list of the default Pardot tokens you can use in FeedOtter emails.

Your email preference center token will look as follows:


The numbers at the end will be replaced with the ID on your Pardot preference center.

Updating FeedOtter Emails

Find the email campaign you'd like to link to your preference center and Edit Campaign. You'll just need to replace the current unsubscribe link with your preference center token.

Using a FeedOtter template

With FeedOtter templates, you edit the Unsubscribe with the Footer HTML box.

Go to Template > Customize Footer. Here, select Unsubscribe > Edit link > and paste in your token.

Click Update for the link and Update again for the footer in general.

Next, you'll need to replace the link in the Text version of your email. Select Code View > Text View.

Then, replace the existing unsubscribe token with your preference center token.

Using a Custom Template

If you're using a custom template that's been previously imported, instead of customizing the footer you'll need to edit the HTML code where the Unsubscribe is listed.

Go to Code View > Search for your unsubscribe or email preference center link. Here, replace the existing href with your token.

Then, replace the unsubscribe token in your text version as described above.

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