Export a Pardot template for use in FeedOtter

Send us your existing Pardot template for use in FeedOtter RSS emails.

Have a Pardot email template you’d love to use in FeedOtter? Not a problem. Follow the steps below to export a Pardot email template into FeedOtter.

In your Salesforce Pardot account, go to Account Engagement Email > Templates. Select the email template you'd like to use in FeedOtter.

Click Edit email template at the top of the page and move to the HTML tab of the email. FeedOtter needs the HTML of your email template in order to import into your account.

Click anywhere inside the HTML box and Select All > Copy.

Open a Notepad or any place to save your content. Paste the HTML into a new note and Save to your computer.

Now that you've saved a file of the HTML, you can replace the placeholder blog content with our tokens and add it to your FeedOtter template library or you can send to our team and we'll handle it for you.

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