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Email Setup Services

FeedOtter offers an email setup service for an additional fee.
When you hire FeedOtter to setup your custom HTML design the process goes like this:
  • You provide FeedOtter with a clean, HTML email code file. Follow our guide: Preparing your email for use with FeedOtter.
  • FeedOtter will review your HTML file, test your code in Litmus and ensure it passes all compatibility standards. Our team will contact you with questions if need be.
  • After reviewing your emails we will provide a quote for you to approve.
  • FeedOtter will update your HTML email code to make it compatible with our content tokens to meet your requirements.
  • FeedOtter will re-test the completed FeedOtter email in Litmus to verify compatibility.
  • FeedOtter will place the completed template in your FeedOtter account and notify you it is ready for review.
  • 30 days of revisions and updates are included with every email setup. This time period begins when FeedOtter notifies you of the completed setup.

Purchasing Email Setup

To begin a new email setup project with the FeedOtter team please fill out the intake form below and upload your custom HTML template file(s).


Turnaround time for Basic setups is 3 business days. We try to complete Advanced Setups in 5-7 business days but this time may vary based on the complexity of the newsletter.
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